Shimi Gol Feyz Khorasan

The best producer of organic and humic fertilizers

about us

Shimi Gol Feyz Khorasan Company is a producer of organic fertilizers. This company started working in 2013 under the chairmanship of Farhad Nadaf and in a shorttime was able to be represented and operate in all parts of Iran.

In 2015, this company was able to be the first fertilizer exporter to Europe in iran. Then the export expanded to countries such as South Korea, Armenia, Iraq and … . One of the point of this company is to provide a 100% product return guarantee to customers.


Superior features of Shimi Gol

safe transportation

Safe transportation of fertilizer products to prevent damage

Top exporter of fertilizer products

Export of organic products to Asian and European countries

equipped lab

To test and check all kinds of agricultural fertilizers

Great sale

Great sales show the superior quality of Shimi Gol products

Has standard approvals

From agricultural and health organizations

Experienced employees

Experienced in work

Brilliant record

In the production of agricultural products and organic fertilizers

Customer support

We are with you until the product arrives