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Shimi Gol Feyz Khorasan Company is a producer of organic fertilizers. This company started working in 2013 under the chairmanship of Farhad Nadaf and in a shorttime was able to be represented and operate in all parts of Iran.

In 2015, this company was able to be the first fertilizer exporter to Europe in iran. Then the export expanded to countries such as South Korea, Armenia, Iraq and … . One of the point of this company is to provide a 100% product return guarantee to customers.

Top fertilizer exporter

Shimi Gol is the leading exporter of fertilizer products to European and Middle Eastern countries .

Super Power (Shimi Gol granule humic acid)

Superpower acid humic organic fertilizer is a natural soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. This composition is a unique plant carbon network that has a high concentration of minerals and organic acids. Humic acid increases the ability to absorb essential nutrients and plays a role in improving soil structure.

نیترات کلسیم مایع

Liquid calcium

Many fertilizers are used in agriculture which are useful for horticultural crops. These fertilizers are divided into 3 categories, which include chemical, biological or organic categories. Among them, chemical fertilizers include; Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium, low consumption and mixed elements, which include different categories. It is better to know that calcium can be used in two ways. One in liquid form and use directly with the plant and the other in liquid or solid form and use in plant fertilizer.

اسید هیومیک مایع

Liquid humic acid

Humic acid organic fertilizer increases root growth and stimulates seed germination, increases nutrient absorption from the soil, increases plant resistance to cold, drought, pests and diseases. Producing stronger and healthier plants and improving plant appearance is another effect of this fertilizer. This product also contains potassium, which is one of the important elements and compounds in chlorophyll that can increase the speed of photosynthesis.

Stimulating biological activity in the soil – reducing salinity in carpeted soils – increasing the amount of humus in the soil – reducing the residue of pesticides and preventing the accumulation of heavy metal particles are other effects of this product. Also, humic acid increases the productivity of elements.

گوگرد سوسپانسیون و گوگرد مایع

Liquid Sulfur

Liquid sulfur is one of the 17 nutrients required by plants, which without exception is necessary for the growth and development of all products like any other nutrient.

About US

Shimi Gol Company with the belief that “The best way to grow a business is to be honest with customers.”

He considers honesty to be the key to success in any work and believes that all of us humans share in all the good and bad things of the society and we should play our role responsibly and consciously.

((Shimi Gol Company)) considers its mission to serve itself by serving others and society.


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